FAM Collective is a gathering of like minded individuals who share the same interest for food, art, and music. We believe that these three things bring people together, even though there are endless ways for a community to gather. FAM is a platform for people to meet and share ideas with one another. The purpose is to inspire and support each other through the process of our passions in life. Meet the Ohana!!!

Romer Macaspac (UMAMI) is a self-taught artist that uses art as a way to escape from reality. His experience comes from years of admiring wonderful art and getting inspired to produce something of his own. His motivation comes from friends, family, music, and events that happen in everyday life. The theme he is currently working with is titled “I’m Never Alone” which is a collection of pieces consisting of people that remind him of why life is so amazing. He believes art is a great way to communicate or express how one feels at different points of their life.


Dan is an independent graphic artist from Maui, Hawai'i, who moved to the mainland to learn, adapt, and become a greater artist. Most of his work is inspired by the environment he sees and lives around each day - abstract, in motion, and unchained. Many, if not almost all of his work, display a signature appearance which is inspired through his native Hawaiian roots. Emotional and symbolic. Colorful and vibrant, and yet very extreme. Simple and quiet, and yet forming something chaotic and loud. 


Shirley 'Sure' Lee is a San Francisco native (rare I know). Growing up in the city, she was always attracted to all the live street art and graffiti in the Mission and not shortly after, of course, was contributing to it. After working with First Amendment Street Art Gallery as the Class Coordinator for two years learning the specs and showing can control technique as well as stenciling, she continued as an Art Curator and event planner for 20Mission Coworking Space throwing group specific-themed art shows. Continuously making her mark in the streets, she collaborated in previous galleries like The Loin, Cukui, Mary Weather's, Mission 415 Arts, and 20Mission. Through versatility and found objects, Sure creates through mediums that are found literally in the streets or walls of San Francisco.

Aspiring DJ and music producer. Professional home body and lightweight explorer. Extremely thankful to be part of a group that promotes creative growth. Looking forward to working hard and having fun. Let's vibe out and share this wonderful time together. 


Love and Light

Aleta “WayV” Lee is a cultural organizer and creative producer based in San Francisco, California. As a previous nomad, the different environments she’s experienced and the dichotomies & contradictions within these communities she lived in have inspired her artwork. Though an avid screen printer and painter, she is not tied to one particular medium. Instead, she allows the subject matter to dictate aesthetic, technique, and material. 

Brian was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and has enjoyed drawing since childhood.  However, art was merely a hobby until he decided to major in Animation/Illustration at San Jose State University.  After a few years, he realized the creative path he was looking for would be found in Fine Arts and switched, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts in 2013.  Since then he has been on an adventure, as he continue to paint and learn.

Born n’ bred in San Francisco, California, Willie Yapching is a graphic designer focused on lettering, calligraphy, and typeface design. His love for letters came at a young age when he saw his mom’s beautiful cursive and the interesting letterforms that graffiti brought to San Francisco. These two different styles influence his hand-lettered designs, and it’s apparent with his constant experimentation of letterforms in his work.

A. ELUMBA is a bay area native. At 27 he finished his major in visual communications in 2015 with his focus on branding and logo. During his sophomore year in college,  he participated in the campus moviefest video contest and created a short film called, "I think I like her." That moment drove him into film. Throughout his post grad years he has been captivated by photography and short videos. Working along side renown arts company and shallow stills company has been his motivation in pursuing cinematography. Working behind a camera has helped him perfect his craft in capturing those intimate moments and learn to appreciate creation and it's beauty.


Born and raised on the island of Oahu and more commonly known among friends as Skitz. Artist, Blue Pencil, works and thrives in the city of San Francisco both as a industry professional for Games as well as an artist in FAM Collective. 

"Art has and will always be my safe space...my space to escape...my space to express and really be myself. Most recently my art has made a departure from the silly doodles into a blossoming reveal...I hope to share my new artworks with you all soon!"  

w/u is a lover of all things music. He sees sound as an experience that is intimately connected with the human experience. It is this personal connection that compels him to create music that evokes feeling in the listener. He enjoys producing music, DJing, MCing, and telling stories through his craft.

This year, he is looking forward to doing more performances, dropping his first project, and continuing to grow as a musician.